Welding Jobs

Every time a politician talks about jobs or new jobs or more jobs, they show some guy welding or making sparks. I don't know why that bugs me..... Probably because I know some of the behind the scenes Bull Crap. For example this Spanish company Cobra who are heavily involved in that Tonopah Solar project (Tonopah, NV) There is no doubt that our Nevada representatives helped arrange this whole thing.... Why do we need Spanish technology, Spanish licensing, Spanish Engineering, Construction, and Maintenance???? The answer is, we don't. I look forward to the day when we have a Wikipedia style government... when all the ledgers are open to everyone and when some wacko wants to spend money, then everyone will say no. Hopefully politics will stay out of the way of progress and profit. The American Dream will create jobs... you may have to create your own opportunities in welding. What ever it takes, right? Several people who attend our Welding Community (WeldComm.com) have reported getting jobs related to welding this year. If you are looking for work as a welder, please send your contact information to Lisa - info@certified-welding.com

Here is one of the best links I've found for local welding jobs

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