Welding Aluminum

People tend to blame the machine when their welds don't look good. There's no such thing as machine problems... only people problems. Even a broken machine... still a people problem. Inanimate machines don't break themselves or even fix themselves.. therefore it's a people problem.. Here is what I am getting at; You are the single most important factor for having perfect welds! Your knowledge and experience and attitude. Decide you will have perfect welds and you will have perfect welds.
So What Does It Take?

1. Proper Equipment: this covers more than you think... make sure your TIG torch and hoses are all tight, your gas flow is right, and machine settings are correct. Practice on a test piece.
2. Your attitude: You are an artist, straight parallel lines... nothing less. If you weld an inch and it's not right, grind it off and do it again. A little less Hill-Billy and a little more Professional. Clean it, Prep it, Square it, Measure it, Check it, Straighten it.
3. Mentors and Practice: Learning from the pros saves lots of hours of practice, and there is nothing wrong with practice. Did I mention practice?

WeldComm.com is where you can find all 3. See you there