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Maker Spaces - The future?


What's a "Maker Space"? The quick answer is that it's a place you can go in your community to build stuff, using shared equipment. Wouldn't that be great to go to a shop in your town, use what ever machines you wanted.... sewing machines, welders, 3-D printers, laser cutters, water-jet cutters, computers etc. Kind of like a nerd paradise. Kind of like a gym membership for inventors. Kind of like making any blooming thing you could imagine! Not to mention all the expert training you can get on any of these machines.
What does it cost? anywhere from FREE to $200 per month.... and maybe I'm the only guy who's crazy enough to put it out there for free.... (see our welding community fits the mold of maker space, but for the metal work side of the idea. Maybe we'll do a monthly membership to use the shop any night of the week (still free on Thursdays)
I just love the way people sharing ideas, working together, inventing, fabricating, building things and prototyping. Heck, people can even do small batches... maybe make 1000 little widgets and sell them... there's some money... Don't have a job? Go work at Techshop - Chandler, AZ for a year. No boss... just you. I've noticed that Las Vegas has "SYN Shop". I have not been there or seen how they work. Probably a great place to make things.

Techshop walk through

Our Welding Community

a local maker space

a book by Chris Anderson (loved it)

the Maker Movement Manifesto by Mark Hatch (currently reading this)

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