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One of the most impressive welding trucks in the western states.

The best welding truck in the western states

There it is, Truck 14. One of the most impressive welding trucks in the western states. What can it do, you ask?
First let's look at the power plant... This 25,000 Watt generator powering 2 or more welding machines with 3 phase (480 volt) is a relatively new concept for welding trucks. Why try to do everything with a typical 400-500 amp welder when you can use a generator to power different welding machines for specific tasks. You will see a lot more of these in the future.
Second.... Portable Aluminum Welding. Can you say 1" thick aluminum? This truck is equipped with a Dynasty 700 able to weld pretty much anything. Yeah... ANYTHING.
Third, think about 3 guys welding at once, now add oxy-acetylene torch, and the 100 gallon diesel tank (we can refuel other trucks), the work bench with storage, quick start welding in 10 minutes or less, and we can drive this truck just about anywhere in the country. I know that was a run-on sentence.. just too much to say about this truck.
And what is the point of all this? Really it's about the customer.. Give them what they want... and get it to them right now.

Check out the video!!

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